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About Ashley, Founder & Filmmaker at Missionary Films, LLC.

In 1995 I started a ministry at my high school in order to reach my friends with the Gospel and in 1999, I started to make videos. When I made a video in 2010 about a missionary in the Philippines and then seeing the impact the video made, I knew I was being called to something great; sharing the stories of what God is doing all over the world. Today I have made 1000’s of ministry videos helping hundreds of ministry partners worldwide.

At the top of his industry, you will find Ashley blogging about the latest camera on Sony’s blog or other popular industry sites. He is also featured in Sony Professionals’ “XDCAM MAGAZINE,” using the latest tech on a shoot in Nicaragua. As an author now of the book “Harnessing the Power of Video For Your Ministry,” he loves helping ministries do video better.

His award winning credits include: “It’s A Girl” which was filmed in India, Ukraine, Russia, and is now on Netflix, and two short ministry films filmed in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia for Young Life Africa.

Now you can find him traveling the world helping ministries like Young Life International and Revelation Wellness share their story.

In 2020 Ashley, his wife, and 2 kids are moved to Spokane, Washington. They enjoy helping like minded people make videos about their businesses, ministries, schools, or churches.

At his heart, he is loves sharing great stories that take part in the greatest story ever told!

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