4 things Revelation Wellness Ministry did right to get 100,000+ views on their last video

Some videos get massive views and some don’t. But there is a reason why this video received over 100,000 views and broke records for involvement. Below are 4 things Revelation Wellness Ministry did right to gain these views.

They add value for their followers.

This ministry has established itself as an expert in their field that can add value to anyone’s life. They add value to the lives of those that follow them online. They kept finding and adding value for their followers. Then when the time came for them to give and participate, they did! [Here is a great guide on what to post and when to post it.]

They have an established history.

They have a history of adding content that matters to their viewers and followers. People have come to love the ministry because it ministers to them every day. They started small but after years of consistent posts they have a strong following. They have lots of active followers but you don’t need lots of followers to have a strong following.

They made a video people want to watch.

They took the time to script and plan a video that people want to watch. Plus it has some amazing visuals and was filmed in a way that has a cinematic look to it. [Learn more about scripting the perfect video here]

They have curated a following.

They started by sharing info, pictures, videos, and answering comments. Treating their social media audience like a relationship. The idea is to gain and nurture followers that one day move from viewers to participants. Need help creating a following? [Get started with this free online video strategy]

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